Have fun day and night.

Albert can play all day long, however he will also need his beauty sleep. Take him to his cave for well deserved nap.


Blanket can be moved up and down. When caressing him on the face, he will like it, but you can also tickle him when you move blanket up.


Tell him what to do.

Currently he will respond to following commands:

  • Day:

Hi, Hello, Albert, What’s your name?, Kiss, Smile, Laugh, Sing, What are you?, How are you?, I love you, Make Sound,Who’s your friend, Jump, Dance, Hide, Show

  • Night:

Albert, Wake up, Come Back

Always Hungry.

Go to the dining room whereyou can eat food or cupcakes.

When full, he will go back outside. When he will have enough energy, he will respond to your face movement.