How could a custom mobile app improve your efficency?

Every company can have a customized app to access needed data outside of the office. You don’t need expensive erp systems and complex infrastructure. You also don’t need to hire expensive agencies to do the work.

Don’t fell into the trap of constantly searching for free tools and adjusting your workflow to them. You have the possibility to co-design your tools right from the beginning.

The best way to get started is to ask questions.

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Why work with me?

Proven record of 10 years of experience in the erp industry with the leading Slovenian erp developer, Vasco d.o.o, and have currently 3 public apps on the Appstore. Being with customer support for a decade, I’ve worked with +1000 companies, helping them optimize their workflow, cutting costs, optimizing operations across many industries. You can find me on LinkedIn.

What can I do?

After getting to know your business and understanding your problems and needs, I will provide the proposition of the solution. My services consist of consulting and programming, depending on your needs.

Do you have your own idea? Let’s talk.

Mobile showcase

Analitik is a smart tool, which connects to Vasco api to get all the info users need outside the office. It can track buys, purchases, revenue, stock, payments, purchase price changes, etc… It is available in the Slovenian language only.


I can also improve your workflow with small, custom desktop apps, which are reducing manual, repeating work. You can find more here.

Projects can also be fun. Meet Albert: Interactive dinosaur

Check out my entire public mobile portfolio.

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